5 Tips for Creating a Respectful and Effective Cannabis Workplace Policy

5 Tips for Creating a Respectful and Effective Cannabis Workplace Policy

Canadian Cannabis Chamber president, Lindsay Blackett, will be speaking at the 5th Annual Saskatchewan Communications Forum in Saskatoon on April 9, 2018.

Lindsay will be joining a panel discussion, which includes Dr Kathleen Thompson, Cannabis Regulatory Research Group, and Rachna Saini, Senior Consultant for Cannabis Compliance Inc, and focuses on the implications of cannabis legalization for businesses.

The forthcoming recreational cannabis legalization poses considerable challenges for employers who wish to maintain the safety of their work environment while still respecting the rights of their employees to consume legal cannabis.

The key to establishing an effective workplace policy on cannabis is balancing provincial occupational health and safety requirements and standards with a sensitivity toward human rights legislation.

Here are 5 ways that employers can set up rules around cannabis in the workplace:

1. Understand exactly what is legal and what is not
It is important for employers to have a solid understanding and literacy when it comes to cannabis. Stay current on changes to federal and provincial regulations pertaining to the purchase and consumption of cannabis as well as the various types of cannabis.

2. Clarify your policy on recreational cannabis
Ensure that your policy on recreational consumption of cannabis is clear and easy to understand by your employees. Ambiguity in messaging can lead to future issues which could have been avoided.

3. Accommodate medical users
Just because cannabis will be legalized for recreational use does not mean that it is any less of a medicine for those who use it to treat a variety of medical conditions and ailments. Individuals who use medical cannabis are protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to access and consume cannabis for therapeutic purposed. It is important to respect this right and facilitate medical cannabis use whenever possible.

4. Cover medicinal cannabis in your group benefits plan
Many people who use medical cannabis struggle with the cost of filling their prescription. As an employer, covering medical cannabis under your employee group benefits plan is an excellent way of promoting equity and reducing stigma when it comes to therapeutic cannabis use.

5. Have an open and honest dialogue with your employees.
The most effective thing an employer can do is have open communication with employees. Providing a non-judgmental space for conversations between employees at all levels will help promote understanding of the various factors concerns pertaining to cannabis in the workplace, which in turn will help you develop a workplace cannabis policy that is built to fit the needs of your company.

If are in Saskatoon and would like to hear more on this issue and other current topics in the field of communications and marketing, you can learn more about the event, and register, here:


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