About Us

Representing the Legal Canadian Cannabis Industry


Representing and Advancing Legal Cannabis in Canada

A modern, national non-profit chamber consisting of Canadian cannabis businesses focused on promoting business enabling policies at the national, provincial, and local levels of government. Our focus is leveraging our incredible team of attorneys and lobbyists, business experts, legislators, and industry business leaders to facilitate dialog, and provide resources, networks, and solutions that solve concerns experienced by Cannabis-based businesses in Canada. We are advocates that promote legal Cannabis businesses through our national and province-wide network of dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, laboratories, distributors, realtors, professional services, packaging manufacturers, advertising professionals, the media, and more.



Safe, Secure and Legal Cannabis

We are dedicated to the responsible and safe advancement of the legal cannabis industry. We work with lawmakers, regulators, and employers to develop cannabis policies and compliance, cannabis education and awareness, and pro-cannabis business policies through policy committees, business roundtables, and publications that are distributed to members and the businesses that provide goods and services to the Cannabis Industry across Canada, and within each Province.

Dedicated to the
responsible, safe and economic advancement
of the cannabis industry.


Promote policies that provide greater access to Cannabis and Cannabis products, promote standards and best practices, reduce the cost of doing business by promoting sensible regulation.

Education & Support

Provide education, awareness, and support for sensible policies that provide citizens and consumers with the protections necessary to give them confidence in the legal cannabis industry.


Assist in the elimination of the Black and Grey markets by clearly defining the benefits of the legal cannabis industry, and supporting policies that increase the safety and security of Canadians.


Protect licensed operators, and ancillary businesses that serve them, from laws and regulations that violate their right to do business according to respective national and provincial laws.

We believe that access for patients and legal-age adults to safe and high-quality Cannabis and Cannabis products is an essential right in a free market economy. We believe that Cannabis and Cannabis products must be affordable and supported by meaningful education and awareness in order to increase the likelihood that the Black and Grey Markets will successfully be eliminated.

We believe in the necessity of creating awareness for all generations of the many medicinal and wellness-centric benefits of Cannabis as an effective lifestyle product. We believe in the power of innovative technologies and processes that increase the access of legal-aged consumers, while simultaneously reducing the cost for regulated Cannabis. We believe in ensuring a fair market environment for the innovation of new cannabis products, thereby increasing access for the benefit of all Canadians.