Canadian Cannabis Chamber Cautiously Optimistic about the Alberta Government’s Cannabis Framework

Canadian Cannabis Chamber Cautiously Optimistic about the Alberta Government’s Cannabis Framework

Canadian Cannabis Chamber Cautiously Optimistic about the Alberta Government’s Cannabis Framework

October 4, 2017, Calgary, Alberta – The Canadian Cannabis Chamber (CCC) commends the Alberta Government for its robust public consultation process. The Alberta Government’s draft policy appears to combine established approaches for tobacco and alcohol into its Cannabis framework – a move the CCC endorses as an intelligent place to start.

“Our preferred model is a distribution method through private retails stores that are highly regulated,” says CCC President, Peter Pilarski. “We are open to an AGLC distribution model where there is a standardized process with oversight of quality control and product testing.”

The CCC strongly believes that Alberta is in a unique position to create a safe, regulated industry with private sector retailers at the forefront.

“Alberta has a model that works with liquor distribution that should be adopted for cannabis as well,” says Pilarski. “We support having strict rules around zoning retail locations, and as a non-profit national industry Chamber, we understand and advocate for an abundance of training and education for the pubic and for employees.”

The CCC has initiated talks with federal, provincial and municipal policy makers, legal producers, emerging retailers, and ancillary business stakeholders that will all constitute the recreational cannabis industry as of July 1, 2018.

“We look forward to discussing this proposed framework with our members. We will be encouraging all of them to participate in the Alberta Government’s survey soliciting feedback on today’s announcement,” says Pilarski.

The Canadian Cannabis Chamber (CCC) promotes the responsible, safe and economic advancement of the legal cannabis industry. Our objective is to balance the concerns of all stakeholders, while mitigating unduly restrictive policies that threaten the success of the industry. The CCC provides education and certifiable best practices to cannabis customers to ensure safe and responsible consumption.

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Peter Pilarski, President
Canadian Cannabis Chamber
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We believe that access for patients and legal-age adults to safe and high-quality Cannabis and Cannabis products is an essential right in a free market economy. We believe that Cannabis and Cannabis products must be affordable and supported by meaningful education and awareness in order to increase the likelihood that the Black and Grey Markets will successfully be eliminated.

We believe in the necessity of creating awareness for all generations of the many medicinal and wellness-centric benefits of Cannabis as an effective lifestyle product. We believe in the power of innovative technologies and processes that increase the access of legal-aged consumers, while simultaneously reducing the cost for regulated Cannabis. We believe in ensuring a fair market environment for the innovation of new cannabis products, thereby increasing access for the benefit of all Canadians.