Member Benefits

Government Relations & Lobbying

The CCC has partnered with federal and provincial lobbyists in the country. Our legal team also provides municipal government affairs services, ensuring your business and brand, and your business interests are properly represented at all necessary levels of government.

Members are encouraged to engage with the CCC’s forums to ensure the issues that matter most to you are being advanced through the appropriate government channels at all levels.

Current Issues the CCC is addressing include:

  • Provincial Policy Frameworks for Retail Operations
  • Municipal Recreational Storefront Zoning
  • Public Safety and Enforcement
  • Consumer-facing Branding and Marketing
  • Industry-wide Standards and Quality Control
  • Industry Certifications
  • Industry Training


Employee Benefits

The CCC is proud to provide a premium employee benefits program for cannabis companies. The CCC has established partnerships with benefits companies willing to work with cannabis industries. This ensures our members can provide coverage for cannabis employees and their families at competitive rates.

  • Competitive health and wellness plans and retirement savings programs through CIBP
  • Discounts on Employee Financial Group Benefits in Alberta

Specialized Insurance Services

There is no faster growing industry than the Canadian cannabis industry, and our partners at Fuse Insurance help make the insurance process simple for all types of cannabis businesses, including licensed producers, micro-cultivators, retailers, manufacturers, nurseries and more. Fuse is one of the few insurance brokerages in Canada to truly specialize in cannabis risks. Their dedicated brokerage team works with every cannabis insurance provider in Canada in order to find the best coverage for your business, from construction to full operation.

Visit Fuse’s cannabis page to learn how you can protect your business today.

Workforce Recruitment and Training

The CCC has partnered with Canabis-Works and Khan Capital on domestic employee recruitment services, international recruitment and immigration consulting and training services to ensure that this emerging industry is able to meet its human capital needs. There will be a shortage of experienced talent in the cannabis space almost immediately after it becomes recreational and the CCC is committed to working with its members to find solutions to this challenge.

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Branding & Marketing

The CCC has partnered with select proven boutique branding, marketing and public relations agencies to ensure our members have the best branding and marketing solutions, at member-only discounted rates. Once Cannabis goes recreational in Canada, your company’s brand and market positioning will matter more than anything else when trying to attract and retain customers. Members will no longer be able to rely on the security of a limited competition marketplace and a finite customer base. It will be a rapid and competitive space as businesses attempt to gain positioning and mindshare in a noisy marketplace. Current partnerships are with NeuroBe, CIPR Communications, Digital Connection Social Media and more.

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Legal Representation & Financial Services

The CCC has legal experts across the country and the association has negotiated competitive rates for members. Our legal team includes a former Provincial Solicitor General, industry lobbyists, and general cannabis business counsel. In addition, the CCC has also identified key accounting partners, with a proven track record of delivering world class financial management and accounting services.
Members are encouraged to contact the CCC for recommendations on legal and financial services partners to ensure you are legally compliant and financially supported.

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US Brand Licenses

CCC is facilitating powerful business connections between the Canadian cannabis industry and the American cannabis industry. Of particular interest to our members is the ability to license or franchise recognized successful US cannabis brands with new Canadian companies, whether retail storefronts or as a product distributor to Canadian storefronts.

Members are encouraged to contact the CCC for more information on how to position your business with an established American brand to get an edge on the recreational marketplace.

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Banking Solution

The CCC has established banking partnerships across Canada, with entrepreneurial institutions committed to supporting the rapidly growing cannabis industry. As part of these partnerships, we are excited to offer our members financing, lending, merchant services, banking solutions at competitive rates.

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We believe that access for patients and legal-age adults to safe and high-quality Cannabis and Cannabis products is an essential right in a free market economy. We believe that Cannabis and Cannabis products must be affordable and supported by meaningful education and awareness in order to increase the likelihood that the Black and Grey Markets will successfully be eliminated.

We believe in the necessity of creating awareness for all generations of the many medicinal and wellness-centric benefits of Cannabis as an effective lifestyle product. We believe in the power of innovative technologies and processes that increase the access of legal-aged consumers, while simultaneously reducing the cost for regulated Cannabis. We believe in ensuring a fair market environment for the innovation of new cannabis products, thereby increasing access for the benefit of all Canadians.