Our Work


We are the voice of the legal Canadian cannabis industry. The Canadian Cannabis Chamber is a collaboration of business members, legislators, industry professionals, and cultural icons who collectively have an interest in developing and protecting Canada’s emerging cannabis industry. The Chamber provides the mechanism for the cannabis industry to speak with one voice. It works to facilitate growth within the industry to ensure a thriving economy, while simultaneously advocating for the safe and secure approach to legalization, maintaining the quality of life that defines the communities in which the cannabis industry operates across the country.


The Chamber is committed, and is uniquely qualified, to serve as the convener, facilitator and nexus of this collaborative effort, and to effect positive change and sustainable policies for both businesses and the community.

As a national organization, with provincial and municipal chapters, our roles are focused on enabling the growth of our industry, while promoting safe and socially conscious policy. Our roles include dealing with: legislative issues, economic development and planning, education, awareness and issues advocacy, research, best practices and standardization, networking, industry spokesperson, government relations, human resources solutions, and public relations practitioner.


The Chamber cares about the issues the industry cares most about, and serves as to facilitate meaningful and effective communication, and the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders, with the safe and legal growth and success of the Cannabis industry being priority number one. There are several areas that the Chamber deals with, including: Government and Legislative Policy, Regulation & Economic Growth, Science, Genetics and Research, Awareness and Education, Jobs and Careers, Industry Standardization, Branding, Communications and Marketing, Public Relations and Issues Management, Crisis Management, and Public Safety and Security, among others.

Our Work Focuses on Unifying
the Canadian Cannabis Industry.

Dedicated to the responsible, safe & economic advancement of the cannabis industry.

We believe that access for patients and legal-age adults to safe and high-quality Cannabis and Cannabis products is an essential right in a free market economy. We believe that Cannabis and Cannabis products must be affordable and supported by meaningful education and awareness in order to increase the likelihood that the Black and Grey Markets will successfully be eliminated.

We believe in the necessity of creating awareness for all generations of the many medicinal and wellness-centric benefits of Cannabis as an effective lifestyle product. We believe in the power of innovative technologies and processes that increase the access of legal-aged consumers, while simultaneously reducing the cost for regulated Cannabis. We believe in ensuring a fair market environment for the innovation of new cannabis products, thereby increasing access for the benefit of all Canadians.